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Climbing Kilimanjaro on the Machame route for 6 and 7 days

Climbing Kilimanjaro via the best Machame route summits Mount Kilimanjaro, one of the seven summits of the world at 19,340′.

Kilimanjaro’s Machame Route is a thrilling African adventure that takes you through diverse landscapes and offers stunning views.

The trekking distance is 62 km, or 37 miles, for the entire climb from the trail head up to the summit and all

the way down to Mweka Gate in 2024 and 2025.

Climbing Kilimanjaro on the Machame route for 6 and 7 days in 2024 and 2025

Mount Kilimanjaro’s Machame route days (6 and 7)

The Machame route also known as the “Whiskey” route is approximately 62 km (37 miles) from gate to

gate, with an elevation gain of about 16,000′ to 17,000′.

The best Machame route on Kilimanjaro is a six or seven day camping route and is the most popular route

on Kilimanjaro.

Machame route success rate

The Kilimanjaro’s Machame route has a fairly good success rate of 91%, thanks to many ups and downs that allow for better acclimatization.

To ensure a higher success rate, it is best to take your time. The 7-day itinerary has an average summit success rate of 92%. For the 6-day itinerary, the success rate drops to 90% on average.

Climbing Kilimanjaro’s Machame route costs in 2024 and 2025

From $1,300 to $3,000 per climber is the best and most affordable climbing Kilimanjaro’s cost makes hikers summit at 5,895 meters on the highest African snow-capped peak.

The cost to climb Kilimanjaro via the Machame route varies from cheap, budget operators to large Western travel agents selling outsourced climbs at an inflated price.

These Kilimanjaro hike costs, prices, and fees are paid in US dollars, British pounds, Tanzanian shillings, and euros in 2024 and 2025.

The best time of year to climb Kilimanjaro via Machame route

The best time of year to climb Kilimanjaro via Machame is during the dry season, which is June, July, August, September, and October, as well as January, February, and March, for the best weather conditions and activities.

During the dry season, the weather is usually clear and dry, with little to no rainfall, and offers clearer views of the mountain and the surrounding landscapes.

In these best months in Tanzania, it is easier to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, the tallest African peak at 5895 meters.

The rainy season, in the months of April, May, November, and December, is not the best time to climb Mount Kilimanjaro on the Machame route.

The weather is often cloudy and wet, which can make it more difficult to climb the mountain. However, if you don’t mind the rain and prefer a more lush and green landscape, you may still hike Kilimanjaro.

How difficult is the Machame route?

The Machame route on Kilimanjaro is considered a challenging trek, suitable for those with previous hiking experience and a good level of fitness. Here is a brief description of the difficulty of the Machame route

 1. Summit Night: The summit night on the Machame route involves a long and strenuous final push to reach Uhuru Peak at 5,895 meters.

It usually starts in the early hours of the morning and involves hiking in darkness and cold temperatures. The altitude and fatigue make this part particularly demanding.

2. Kilimanjaro Machame route distance: The approximate trekking distance for the Machame Route is 62 km, or 37 miles, and typically takes 6-7 days, allowing for better acclimatization compared to shorter routes. The longer duration helps increase the chances of a successful summit as it allows for more time for the body to adjust to the altitude.

3. Physical and Mental Endurance: Climbing Kilimanjaro requires physical fitness and mental resilience. The long hours of hiking each day and the demands of high altitude can be physically and mentally challenging. Training and preparation beforehand can greatly enhance your experience.

 4. Weather Conditions: Weather conditions on Kilimanjaro can be unpredictable, with temperatures ranging from hot and humid in the lower regions to freezing temperatures at higher elevations. Be prepared for changes in weather and pack appropriate gear to stay comfortable and safe.

 5. Steep and Varied Terrain: The Machame route involves hiking on steep and uneven terrain, including rocky sections and some scrambling. There are also long and sustained uphill sections that require endurance and strength.

 6. Altitude: As with any climb on Kilimanjaro, altitude is a significant factor. The Machame route gains elevation relatively quickly, which can pose challenges for acclimatization.

It’s important to pace yourself and listen to your body to prevent altitude-related illnesses.

What is the difference between the Machame and Lemosho routes?

The Machame route presents larger crowds compared to Lemosho, which is a more remote, quieter track. Both the Machame route and the Lemosho route are the more popular and cheaper options among the two.

Lemosho is the more expensive tour due to the many days of hiking and the best success rate.

Climbing Kilimanjaro on the Machame route for 6 and 7 days
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