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The Ultimate 11-Day Northern Circuit Trek And Hike To Kilimanjaro: Climbing Specialist 2024-2025

11 Days Kilimanjaro Northern Circuit route

This 11 Days climbing kilimanjaro Northern circuit because the route takes you round the mountain hence you will be able to view ‘the world’ from all sides of Kilimanjaro.

11 Days  Kilimanjaro Northern Circuit route

11 Days Northern circuit Tour Plan

Day 1, Arrival at Kilimanjaro Airport – Moshi

pick you up and take you to your hotel as soon as you land at Kilimanjaro International Airport.

By responding to some of your initial inquiries, this expert will assist you in settling in quickly and, at the at least, explain what “Hujambo” means.

Day 2, Lemosho Trailhead to Big Tree Camp (Elevation gain- 800 m/ 2,624 ft)

After some well-deserved rest, our driver will arrive to pick you up from your hotel.

first leg of the trek comes to a conclusion at the west-facing Londorossi Gate, where registration handled.The camp quite lovely and home to many different species of birds and animals.

Day 3, Big Tree Camp to Shira 1 Camp (Elevation gain- 700 m/ 2,296 ft)

Your ascent begins in the forest, where it ended yesterday. As you ascend toward the Shira Plateau, the hike will take you over heather and moorland.

You need 5 to 6 hours to complete the climb because it is fairly steep and requires numerous rest stops.

Day 4, Shira 1 Camp to Moir Hut Camp via Lava Tower (1,050 m/ 3,344 ft)

day spent discovering the magnificent Shira Plateau. Don’t descend before climbing the Shira

Cathedral if you feel fit enough and our adventure professionals can support it with the results of the health exams. Later, the group travels over the Alpine Desert to reach Moir Hut.

You’ll then travel to the Lava Tower in roughly 4 hours.

Day 5, Moir Hut Camp to Buffalo Camp (Elevation Loss- 530 m / 1,738 ft)

You’ll enter an alpine desert today, and then, on a ridge that slopes steeply, you’ll connect to the Northern Circuit.

If on Day 4 you weren’t able to visit the Lent Group, you might want to think about taking a side trip to Buffalo Camp and climbing the 3,375-meter-high Little Lent Hill instead.

You’ll need between 5 and 7 hours to complete the trip.

Day 6, Buffalo/Pofu Camp to Third Cave Camp (Elevation Loss- 150 meter / 492 ft)

One of the routes that is little used is this one. However, it is one of the simplest and gives you the

opportunity to travel through a variety of environments, including desert, valleys, moorland, and more.

On the east side, the ascent continues.

The path can be the most tranquil traveling through the untamed alpine terrain. Like yesterday, the trip will take you between 5 and 7 hours.

Day 7, Third Cave Camp to School Huts (Elevation gain- 880 m / 2,887 ft)

The location between Kibo and Mawenzi peaks is the best place to have an exciting experience. known as “The Saddle” informally.

The School Huts reached after a gradual ascent. Early afternoon is the time. Rest of the day should be spent preparing ready for the last day to the summit.

Rest since you will need additional energy for this mistake, including some for celebrating your success.

Day 8, School Huts (4,750m/ 15,583 ft) to Uhuru Peak (Elevation gain- 1,145 m /3,757 ft) then to Mweka Camp (Elevation Loss- 2,785 m /9,107 ft)

Since this is difficult, it may begin as early as midnight. You go through the night along a rocky path until you reach Gilman’s Point, the rim of the main crater.

Day 9, Mweka Camp to Mweka Gate (Elevation loss- 1,280 m / 4,199 ft)

The hike descends for two to three hours to reach Mweka Gate through the wonderful woodland. You won’t fail to see a group of monkeys having fun on those trees.

At Mweka Gate, pick up your certificate of honor. Your ascent of Mount Kilimanjaro is now complete.

Day 10, Moshi then to the Airport

We decided not to schedule anything for you today so that you could take some time to unwind after your strenuous climb up Kilimanjaro.

Before your scheduled departure in the evening, you can do some exploring in Moshi.

You can elect to extend your stay and go on a safari in Tanzania, or you can choose to take a break on one of our stunning islands, like Zanzibar Island.


The Ultimate 11-Day Northern Circuit Trek And Hike To Kilimanjaro: Climbing Specialist 2024-2025
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